Friday, December 11, 2009

Tu-Tu Cute!

 I love these chubby little ballerinas, but I love all of Mo's images!
This is for the Sketch Challenge on Splitcoast today. I don't often get to participate, but school was called off today because of a heavy snowfall. Yippee! I might not be that happy about it when the day has to be made up in June, though.

I'll get to stamp a little more today, but I do have to take time to decorate the dozens of gingerbread boys and girls I baked over the weekend. I put them in cellophane bags tied with yarn and hang them in the panes of my bay window in the dining room. Two of our grandchildren are spending the day with us, so they'll help me until they get bored!
I also want to get a bit of decorating done. I haven't even started yet, because I was supposed to have surgery on Monday, and was going to be recuperating over the holidays. Yesterday the doctor decided that the surgery is to be postponed for at least a  month, so now I'm in more of a holiday mood!

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