Saturday, November 28, 2009

Finding My Way

Please forgive me as I try to find my way around. I'm just blindly forging ahead, trying to get this the way I want it. I've changed the blog name from "My Hart's Desires", because I found too many other sites with very similar was even for adult viewing! That one was the deciding factor!
The new name has more to do with my interests. I started stamping years ago when my daughter decided to move all her stamping paraphernalia from her house to an empty upstairs room in mine, then never found the time to come over to use it. I started playing with all the goodies and got hooked! Her original stash has grown exponentially since then. I never met a tool or embellishment I didn't like!
I've always had cats in my life, and presently have two guys..... Nomar, a huge gray tiger that my youngest son named after a former Red Sox ballplayer, and Elijah, a blond tiger with fur like a teddy bear. They are both with me whenever I'm stamping or on the computer.
As for the collections...I seem to have a problem. Over the  years I have collected, Hummel figurines, salt glazed pottery, antique wood-working tools, miniature chairs, other miniatures of all kinds, porcelain dolls, teddy bears, Christmas decorations, hand carved paper mache molds, and STAMPS!
Aside from the bears and, of course, the stamps, most of my collections are small and manageable. The bears line the walls in our computer room, and the stamps fill an entire armoire, several other bureau drawers, and two under-bed storage containers in my bedroom!
Since I discovered digital images within the past year, my rubber stamps have been gathering dust! I love digitals.... they are inexpensive, can be downloaded on the spot, storage is not an issue, and you can do so much with them. Of course, when I found Mo Manning's images this past summer, I was blown away! Now I have another collection....over 100 of her images! It's just like eating peanuts...once you start, you can't stop!
Well, that's the story behind the blog name change. I'd love to hear the meaning behind some of the names you've chosen!

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Dawn B. said...

Elaine this is beautiful.. I love the background you chose.. It is perfect. So fun to hear a little more about you.. Great job on your new blog. I chose my name because I love to cook for my family.. My Stamping Thyme... and I love to stamp.. Have a super week.